Saturday, June 5, 2010

A fresh start...

Well, I've done it. Yesterday, I signed up for Weight Watchers online. I have at least 30 pounds to lose, my clothes are getting tighter every day, and quite frankly, I'm not too proud of me lately. It's good though...some things just take time. It took time to put all this weight on, and it will take time to get it off. A dear friend is going through it with me, and I really hope we can keep each other on track.

So, today it's time to finally take a shower, clean out the frig and pantry, and write my list of healthy food to go buy. I'm so lucky - my kids LOVE fruits and vegetables and would choose them over junk almost any day, so I have no excuses!

A fresh start...I'm lovin' it :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


I've been inspired by some friends who are very good at putting thoughts to paper. I've always loved to write, but have no idea where I'll find the time! Hoping putting some of my random thoughts and rants to "paper" will destress me along the way!